Saturday, March 28, 2015

Is Direct Selling something you are interested in?

If you are unsure of if Direct Selling is for you, maybe this post will help you to decide. Here are some reasons Direct Selling might be for you:
  • You are looking to earn extra money
  • You want to start your own business 
  • You want the support of others behind you (upline, other consultants, corporate)
  • You love a certain product that is distributed through direct selling (if you love the product anyway, why not get a discount and earn some extra money distributing it yourself?) 
  • Low Initial Investments
  • Many companies to choose from
  • You want to work from home

To hear more watch my video below:

What is Network Marketing?

Unless you are part of the Network Marketing and/or Direct Selling world already you may not know what these terms mean, so here is a breakdown of terms and what they mean for those that are curious but still not sure about the industry.

Network Marketing--Is marketing to people in your network. Your network includes friends, family, coworkers, and people you meet on a daily basis. Sometimes it is intentional marketing and other times it is discussing the latest book you read, television show or movie you watched, or song you listened to and by recommending it to someone you are marketing it to them whether you mean to or not.

Network Marketing as a Business--You market a specific product or service to your network. 

Direct Selling--A form of network marketing where you are an independent distributor for a company and market their products/services to customers. The customers buy the products through you and you earn commission. 

Warm Market--People you already know that you are close to already. Friends, Family, and Coworkers.

Cold Market--People you do not know personally; People You Meet are cold market until they can be considered part of your warm market.