Saturday, December 24, 2016

Egg Freshness Test

A tip from Kitcheneez CEO Lisa Shively about checking the freshness of Eggs:
To see if eggs are good: fill a bowl with cold water and place your eggs in the bowl. If they sink to the bottom and lay flat on their sides, they're very fresh. If they're a few weeks old but still good to eat, they'll stand on one end at the bottom of the bowl. If they float to the surface, they're no longer fresh enough to eat. Throw them out and get someone to run to the store for new eggs.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Do you cook in a Crock Pot? Let me share our Kitcheneez Crock-Pot cookbook with you!

One of my favorite products that Kitcheneez offers is Lisa Shively's Fat Little Crockin' Cookbook ! This book includes 100 recipes for your Crock Pot! The recipes do not require Kitcheneez mixes to make. Lisa is our CEO and she shares some yummy recipes in this book! The $10 offer mentioned in the video expires after December 3, 2016. The book is regularly $12.50 which is still a bargain! Soups, appetizers, holiday meals, beef, chicken, etc. recipes! The gift that just keeps giving! 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kitcheneez Beef Stew Seasoning Review

Last night I tried the Kitcheneez Beef Stew Seasoning Mix for the first time. It was super yummy! One of my favorite things about Kitcheneez is that it makes home cooking easy! That is why this company was founded! This mix is purely a seasoning mix and you add the other ingredients and get a Beef Stew! For me the taste was very pleasant and both myself and my boyfriend went back for seconds! I would definitely recommend this mix to others! I did find it a little spicy at first, but the leftovers were less spicy. You can eat with bread to lessen the effect of the spiciness. Definitely something I will make again as long as we have this mix!

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Prep Time: Approx. 1 hour
Cooking Time: 1-2 hours
Additional Ingredients Needed: 4 tablespoons flour, 4+ cups water, 1-2 lbs of stew beef cut into cubes, 1 onion cut into chunks, 2 cups sliced carrots, 3-5 potatoes cut into cubes, 2 stalks of sliced celery
Directions: Whisk the flour, seasoning mix, and water together in a bowl. In a large pot combine all prepped vegetables (this is where your prep time comes in) and the beef. Pour the seasoning mixture over all ingredients. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 1-2 hours until vegetables are tender and stew is as thick as you'd like as well as beef is fully cooked. I did my stew for 2 hours and everything turned out great!
Portions: Varies but we got approximately eight bowls of medium size
Price: $5 for one pack of seasoning plus cost of additional ingredients

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Favorites Friday: Kitcheneez Firehouse Chili

The Kitcheneez Firehouse Chili is super easy to make and yummy! This is definitely one of my favorites for sure! I'm not much of a cook at the moment so anything that I can make easily is a plus. I found making this chili super easy and I was pleased with the results I had. I definitely would recommend it to a friend and would purchase again. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

One of my favorite dips Mexican Mambo

I personally love this dip with chips. All you have to do is add one tablespoon of the dip mix to sour cream and you will have a yummy dip. The mix itself is Gluten Free and when combined with Gluten Free ingredients can stay gluten free. Check out the dip at 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Valentine's Day Special Ends February 5, 2016

Our Valentine's Day special for 2016 is the perfect combination for a wonderful dinner. Mixes for Pete's Steak rub, Our Own Italian Dressing Mix, the Creamy Strawberry fruit dip mix, and 12 ounces of Chocolate Fudge. All of these for just $20! The three mixes are all Gluten Free. Hurry the special ends on February 5, 2016! Check it out now at 

Monday, January 25, 2016

January Kitcheneez Special

Our January Special includes the Ranch and Cajun Chicken Mixes (Gluten Free), the steak fajita mix, meatloaf, and firehouse chili (all Gluten Free) and the best roast ever and favorite BBQ Sauce mixes. You're getting 7 mixes for just $30 when these mixes are usually $5 each! Plus, 10% of each bundle sold will go to Feed the Children organization to help feed hungry children in America. 

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